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David the 8 year old visits Dinosaurs

Dear Ms. Teacher-lady,

One time I caught a BIG train from Beijing with my friends. It was exciting at first because trains go really fast! But then it got boring and we saw lots of sand and windmills.

Beijing-Erlian Scenery

After a loooooong time (it was so long that I tried to stay awake but I just couldn’t!) we stopped at Erlian station and got to leave the train yay!

I got to sleep in a proper hotel room with my favourite friend Oli and it only cost me $7.10 and I got to sleep in a big bed by myself and everything. But I couldn’t sleep because I was so excited about seeing the dinosaurs that live in Erlian that I had to get up and go for a walk with my friends at night time. It was way past my bedtime but they said it was ok!

Hotel Rooms

Every building was lit up with neon lights and it looked like the future! Not a bad future like when the planeteers had to give up their rings, but a good one like when the ninja turtles finally beat shredder, yay! I tried to take photos but I was so excited that I forgot my camera! How silly! It was really pretty though, they even had a carnival with dodgem cars in the main square!

In the morning we went back to the main square and there was a park next door that had statues of all my favourite dinosaurs! I got my photo taken with every single one and sometimes my friends joined in. Some old man even gave Oli a hat! Old people are weird.


Dino statues 1

Dino statues group

Cool old guy

My favourite one was the T Rex though


The next day we got in a taxi and went to the Dinosaurs Fairyland museum. They had real dinosaur bones there, as well as statues we could climb. They even had stegosauruses and baby dinosaurs and a t rex head and dinosaur eggs and I saw some dinosaur rocks that looked like a tree! Dinosaurs fairyland is my favourite place ever!

Dinosaurs Fairyland


Damo being eaten

Dino tree

My friends took me to a place called Macro’s to eat lunch because I told them it was lunch time and we have to eat or teacher-lady will get mad. Macro’s is a KFC/Mongolian take-away store that was founded my a Chinese fighter pilot that was brainwashed by the Americans before going back home to his parent’s house to make hamburgers. Or something? I tried to follow the pictures but it was confusing. I hope Macro’s story had a happy ending.


After lunch we went to see a giant statue of two brontosaurus kissing over a road. I was scared at first but then our taxi driver said that the brontosaurus fell asleep a long time ago and they can’t hurt us now! I took some photos but not too many because kissing is gross and it can make you sick!

Kissingsaurus 1

That’s me standing on the road. I hope mum doesn’t see!

Kissingsaurus 2

Kissingsaurus 3

The next day my friends made me catch a different train to a place called Mongolia. I hope that dinosaurs live in Mongolia too!

Bye bye,


Devolution of man

  1. Ant
    May 17, 2011 at 5:17 pm

    bestest adventure ever!…planking on dinosaurs is about to become the new fad.

  2. Mazda
    June 2, 2011 at 2:32 am

    yeah, that was a little creepy. But mostly cool!

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