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Ulan Baatar – Home of the original G Unit

After taking an overnight train from Erlian to Ulan Baataar (the capital of Mongolia) we got set up in our hostel and then went out on the town to see the sights. The sights turned out to be just one

Statue 1

or two

statue 2

statues of Ghengis Khan. Apparently they are trying to revise his memory a little bit and turn him into a real national figure, so dozens and dozens of statues like this have been put up in the last couple of years.

Other than Ghengis Khan (called Chenggis Khaan here) statues, there wasn’t really anything else to recommend Ulan Baataar for. It looks like the Soviets showed up with some concrete moulds and a boatload of concrete powder and went to work. The city really is just concrete soviet apartment block after concrete soviet apartment block, sometimes this is punctuated by the odd glass skyscraper but those are well and truly few and far between.

Mongolian school

Because there wasn’t really much to do in the city itself, we went on a drive to a close by National Park. Overnight the temperature had dropped by at least 30 degrees Celsius so I went from T shirt to two T shirts, a hoodie and a jacket over the top in the space of about 10 hours. Our driver told us that this is normal in Mongolia and the weather changed really really rapidly. Anyway here are some photos of the National Park.

National Park

David freezes to death

Giant rock

After freezing to death we hopped back in the car and drove for an hour or so to a giant (and I do mean giant) statue of Ghengis Khan. The photos really have to be seen to be believed because this is just a huge statue in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Apparently they built the statue as the first part of a huge museum and tourism complex, but no tourists actually came. Ouch. We were the only people at the statue besides a couple of construction workers that seemed to be having lunch in their van.

Super Ghenghis

David v Genghis

And that’s really all there was to see of Ulan Baataar. Off to Irkutsk on the train!

As usual more photos are stored right here.

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