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Olkhon Island – Damo is a dirty liar

Ok so ignoring the fact that we didn’t catch a goddamn hovercraft like Damo promised, Olkhon Island was a lot of fun. It´s some kind of perennial second or third placed um… place? It´s (I think) the third largest lake bound island in the world, sitting in the second largest lake in the world; so it´s nothing special almost by definition.

Nice ukelele LIAR

Looking towards Olkhon Island

Here´s the usual quick summary:

Olkhon Island seems to be a very poor (by Siberian standards) area.

To the extent that Anna wasn’t allowed to pay for 89 rubles of groceries at the store with a 100 ruble note because they couldn’t afford the change.

The only thing that makes money at all on Olkhon Island is wood (basically old – growth evergreen pine forests that fill 90% of the island).

So everything, everything on Olkhon Island is made out of wood.

There seems to be a lot of deforestation on Olkhon Island (ok hands up, who is surprised by this?).

The main town (where we stayed) in Olkhon Island is called ˝Main Town˝ in Russian. The main road in ˝Main Town˝ is called ˝Main Road˝ in Russian.

Not as slippery as you would expect

We found this ˝slide˝ in the school playground

We stayed at a place called Nikita´s Homestay at Olkhon, which was apparently set up by a former Ping Pong gold medallist, (called Nikita, I guess?), the place was filled with amazing woodwork, but unfortunately not filled with ping pong tables.

Nikita 1

Nikita 2

A bit hard to see, but this little hut is actually filled with old fashioned sewing machines. Sorry mum, I couldn´t fit one in my bag!

After lounging around for a day or two we went to:

The somehow still functioning docks


Seriously Dilapidated

The beach for a swim


Seriously Cold

Some kind of sacred shaman site

Shaman site

Seriously Sacred

And for a general walk around the coast


Seriously Beautiful

I´ll leave everyone with a photo of almost the entirety of Main Town

Main Town

Seriously Tiny


After 2 nights at Olkhon we hopped in a minivan driven by a James Bond henchman look-alike (no photos, because I did´t want to be killed) were on our way back to Irkutsk, for a 4 day train to Moscow!

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